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Mossman Accessories. Add wheels to your trunk or maybe some vinyl lettering. All the accessories you will ever...



  • Padlocks

    For the security conscious

  • Lettering & Embossing

    To add that extra personal touch

  • Wheels

    To pull your trunk along with ease!

  • Rubber Feet

    Rubber feet for your trunk.

  • Double Strength Base

    Double thickness base panel, ideal for sitting on. 12mm thickness base panel.

  • Spare Keys

    Just in case you lose them!

  • Wardrobe Accessories

    Accessories suitable for Mossman wardrobe trunks. Such as additional hangers.

  • Parts & Trunk Fittings

    Mossman Trunk parts and fittings for trunk restorations.

  • Protective Travel Covers

    British ProTect Bags & Covers manufactured protective and water resistant covers for Mossman Trunks.

  • Bags

    A versatile range of backpacks, laptop protective pouches and protective laundry bags for Steamer and Cabin trunks

  • Tablet and Laptop Covers

    A range of smart covers, bags and pouches for tablets and phones

  • Card Trays

    Card storage trays designed to fit snugly in your tuck box or larger trunk. A great accessory to make the most of your storage space.

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