4 Fitted Rubber Feet


4 Fitted Rubber Feet Maximize


Have 4 rubber feet fitted to the base of your trunk.  Ideal for ensuring your trunk does not slip on flooring and avoids scratching wooden floors.  Recommend if you are using your trunk as a piece of furniture within your home.

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£ 15.00

The 4 rubber feet will be fitted to the base of your Mossman trunk or tuck box.  Rubber feet are ideal if you are going to use your trunk as a furniture piece.  They will stop your trunk slipping on carpet and prevent the corner fittings scratching wooden floors for example.  Can be fitted to any trunk, tuck box or stool box. 

The feet will always be fitted to to the base of the trunk unless otherwise advised.  The feet are now fitted using a T-Nut and bolt systems, which makes the feet easy to remove or replace if ever damaged.  This new bolting sytem also ensures that the bolt does not protrude into the inside of the trunk.

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