Double Strength Base for Trunks

Double Base-Trunks

Double Strength Base for Trunks Maximize


Double strength base, ideal for sitting on, especially when feet are fitted.  All Mossman Trunks benefit from having a double strength lid if they are going to be sat on or stood on by a child or adult.  A double strength base and lid is recommend for trunks being used as coffee tables and trunks with a large surface area that may be sat or stood on.

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Double Base-Trunks

£ 30.00

Double the strength of your Mossman Trunk by doubling the thickness of your base panel.  Making your trunk ideal for sitting on.  The base panel will be 12mm thick instead of the standard 6mm.  Adding this option will make the delivery time within 7 working days as your Mossman Trunk would be made to order.

Opt for a double strength lid for your Mossman Trunk using the handy pull down boxes on each listed trunk.

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