Fitted Corner Wheels


Fitted Corner Wheels Maximize


Fit corner wheels to pull your trunk along with ease.  Suitable for all Mossman Trunks 30 inches in length and over.

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£ 24.00

Black corner wheels that engage when you lift your trunk up at one end by the fitted handle.  With fitted rubber feet at the opposite end to ensure your trunk sits flat when rested. 

Can be fitted to any 30" plus size trunk.  Not recommended for 20" Tuck Boxes or Stool boxes.

The wheels are generally fitted to to the right side of the trunk when you look at it from the front.  The wheels are now fitted using a T-Nut and bolt systems, which makes the wheels easy to remove or replace if ever damaged.  The rubber feet at the opposite end are also fitted using this T-Nut and bolt system.  This new bolting sytem also ensures that the bolt does not protrude into the inside of the trunk.

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