New for Summer 2015...the Jack Goff Racing Tuck Box.  Combines the increasingly popular traditional hand-made Tuck Box, with modern digital printing and the excitement of motorsport!

This Tuck Box features printed graphics on all faces, including a modern chequered flag design to the sides and and a great picture of Jack Goff on the lid.  Along with Triple 8 and MG logos.

Priced at £95 including UK delivery and also a £25 donation to the JGR fund.  This goes towards the running of the hospitality, logistics, insurance and all the other expenses that are required to keep a top racing team 'on the road'!  These funds are used purely for the day to day running of Jack Goff Racing.  All help is provided by volunteers and Jack Goff Racing does not pay any wages, including Jack himself!

Mossman Trunks is sister company to 5 Star Cases Limited, a partner sponsor of Jack Goff racing.