What is the difference between Flip Locks & Cabin Locks?

Aside from the cosmetic difference, flip locks are more popular and are generally a better option for boarding school students or those using their tuck/stool box regularly, as flip locks don’t require a key to open. They can be locked if necessary but require the key to do so, whereas cabin locks automatically lock when closed, so the key can be locked inside the trunk by mistake.

Can I get a replacement key?

Yes. Replacement keys for all of the trunks on our website are available for purchase and can be ordered online for your trunk. Just visit the Spare Keys page at https://www.mossman-trunks.co.uk/27-spare-keys and order the keys you require. The keys are not numbered as all keys are identical, so you just have to select whether you require flip lock or cabin lock keys. We don’t offer replacement keys for older trunks though as the keys and locks have been discontinued.

Do you repair trunks?

We can undertake small scale repairs on trunks in certain circumstances, such as replacing damaged or aged fittings, but we cannot undertake larger repairs such as replacing panels or damaged plastic edging. We are also not able to repair older Mossman Trunks as many parts and materials used in construction have changed over Mossman Trunks’ 80 year history and older parts are no longer in use.

Is a double strength lid or base (sometimes called a reinforced lid or base) necessary?

The option for reinforcement is mostly for larger trunks, but we would recommend it on tuck/stool boxes too in some cases. If your trunk is going to be used for transporting items regularly then we would recommend a reinforced base, and a reinforced lid is available if you will be placing heavy items on the trunk or using it for seating. If your trunk will just be used for storage, then reinforcement shouldn’t be necessary.

Do you keep trunks in stock?

Due to the thousands of different product variations we offer it’s not possible to hold stock of everything, so many of our products are made to order with a 7-14 day lead time. We do hold stock of most colours of PVC leather-grain effect flip lock tuck boxes, which are delivered within 7 days. However, if you choose an optional extra, such as embossing or a reinforced lid/base, then we will need to build the tuck box to your requirements with a 7-14 day lead time as these features cannot be added to complete tuck boxes.

What is your Returns Policy?

Information on our Returns Policy can be found in our Sales Terms & Conditions, as well as on our Delivery information page: https://www.mossman-trunks.co.uk/content/1-Delivery.

What external finishes are available?

We have a number of different external finishes available, each with their own benefits:

  • Most of our trunks are finished in a PVC leather-grain effect PVC vinyl, which is the traditional finish for Mossman Trunks and is available in a wide range of colours.
  • Printed trunks have a smooth finish, as the design is digitally printed onto a PVC vinyl, which is then laminated to seal in the ink and protect the design from scratches or wear. Our printed range features a number of designs created by Mossman Trunks and other designers.
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is a rigid plastic that is much harder wearing than other finishes and adds strength to any trunk. HPL is available in 10 unique colours, although other colours may be available for one offs.
  • The Silver Alloy range is manufactured using sheets of stucco aluminium, which gives the trunk a modern look and shiny finish.
  • We also offer a range of trunk sizes finished with Blue Fleck Carpet. This finish isn’t compatible with embossing or vinyl lettering.
  • The Natural Timber finish is perfect for those with an artistic streak. With no external covering, just a natural wood finish, these trunks are ideal for painting, varnishing or sign writing.

What are the different options for personalisation?

At Mossman we know your tuck box or trunk can be a very special item, especially for those attending boarding school for the first time. We aim to offer as many options as we can so that you can personalise your trunk in a way that suits you:

  • Embossing is the most popular but most subtle form of personalisation. Your chosen initials (maximum of 4x letters) are pressed into the external covering of the trunk through the use of wooden blocks. This leaves the letters indented into the trunk exterior. Because the embossing is done using square wooden blocks, the spacing between some letters may be larger than others. Embossing is permanent and is only possible on PVC vinyl trunks. Please note we can only emboss Upper Case letters in Italics. We can not emboss lower case letters, numbers or symbols.
  • For digitally printed trunks, you can choose to have your name or other text digitally printed onto the design. The font used & colour of the text depends on the chosen design.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl cut lettering is another popular option that allows you to apply your name anywhere on your trunk in a range of colours and sizes. As vinyl lettering is self-adhesive, it is NOT suitable for our stucco aluminium or fabric covered trunks.

Do you ship overseas?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside of the mainland UK. We do ship to some offshore isles at an additional cost which our sales team will be able to advise of. If you live overseas we can ship to a UK address for you to arrange onward shipping of the item.

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