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Mossman Trunks have been hand-built in Great Britain since around 1938. By using the same methods of construction for nearly ninety years, Mossman Trunks remains the No. 1 choice for vintage luggage and traditional style storage trunks.

With the ever increasing demand for ‘Shabby Chic’, Mossman has not only maintained its presence within the UK boarding school but is now dominating the high streets too!

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Mossman Trunks Limited

Registered Office:

Broadend Industrial Estate
Broadend Road
PE14 7BQ

Telephone number: 01945 427 000

Email: info@mossman-trunks.co.uk

Mossman Trunks is a trading name of 5 Star Cases Ltd.

Reg. No: 02757991
VAT No: 599 557 754

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